Robert Henderson Missionary to Gujarat, India

John Sinclair Stevenson [1868-1930], Robert Henderson. The Story of a Missionary Greatheart in IndiaThe story of Robert Henderson’s missionary work in Gujarat is told by one of colleagues following his tragic death whilst on furlough in Northern Ireland. My thanks to Redcliffe College for providing a copy of this book for digitisation. This title is in the public domain.

John Sinclair Stevenson [1868-1930], Robert Henderson. The Story of a Missionary Greatheart in India. London: James Clarke & Co., Ltd., 1922. Hbk. pp.160. [Click to download the complete book in PDF]


  1. Early Years
  2. Home Ministry
  3. Missionary Apprenticeship
  4. Borsad
  5. At Work
  6. Every-day Incidents
  7. Growth of the Church
  8. The Great Famine
  9. Sunrise After Storm
  10. Back Again to Borsad
  11. A Master Builder
  12. Two Under-Shepherds
  13. After-Care
  14. Farm Colonies
  15. Lights and Shadows
  16. Good-bye to Borsad
  17. On Furlough
  18. Double Duty
  19. Surat
  20. The Valley of the Shadow
  21. The Road Home


Robert Henderson, whose life story is told in the following pages, held a unique place in the hearts of his fellow missionaries. “He was the loved of all,” and when the sad story of his tragic death reached them, they felt for the moment that all the sunshine of life had departed. He was altogether lovable and wherever he went he created an atmosphere of love and goodwill. Everyone was drawn to him, and his friends both in India and Ireland were very numerous. The coronet which Lowell placed on the brow of the Swiss naturalist, Agassiz, that “where’er he met a stranger there he left a friend,” might have been placed on Robert Henderson’s brow also. He had, too, a richly endowed, many-sided nature. His gifts, both intellectual and practical, were very striking. [Continue reading]

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