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The Life and Explorations of David Livingstone, LL.D. Compiled from Reliable Sources

London: Adam & Company, [1874]. Hbk. pp.324.

This book is in the Public Domain

Anonymous, The Life and Explorations of David Livingstone, LL.D. Compiled from Reliable Sources


  • Preface
  1. Early years-Education-Arrival at Cape Town as a Missionary
  2. Arrives at Kuruman-Visits the Bechuana Tribes - Resolves to settle among the Bakwains - Marriage-Journeys to the Zouga River - The Bakwains attacked by the Boers
  3. The Kalahari Desert - Discovers Lake Ngami - Visits Sebituane - Death of Sebituane - Discovers the Zambesi
  4. Attack on Kolobeng by the Boers - Starts on his Great Journey
  5. Preparations for Departure - Ascends the Leeambye and the Leeba - Abundance of Animal Life - Two Female Chiefs – Visits Shinte
  6. Visits Katema's Town - Is hospitably entertained - Lake Dilolo - Crosses the Quango, Cassaque - Arrival at Loanda
  7. Stay at Loanda - Starts on Return Journey - Dr. Livingstone again attacked with Fever - The Makololo suffer from Sickness - Descent of the Leeba and Leeambye - Arrival at Linyant
  8. Starts for the East Coast - The Victoria Falls - The Batoka Tribes - Reaches Zumbo, a deserted Portuguese Settlement
  9. Arrives in England - Enthusiastic Reception - Departs again for the Zambesi - Arrives at the Kongone Mouth of that River - Passes up the Zambesi
  10. Ascends the Shire - Friendly Natives - Discovers Lake Shirwa - Contact with Slave-hunters
  11. Starts for Linyanti - Cutting up an Elephant - The "Go-Naked" Tribe - The Victoria Falls - Finds Sekeletu ill
  12. Descends the Zambesi - Arrival of Bishop Mackenzie – Liberates a Band of Slaves - Death of Bishop Mackenzie-Arrival and Death of Mrs. Livingstone
  13. Dreadful Results of a Slave Raid - Dr. Livingstone recalled – Journey of Exploration beyond Lake Nyassa - Starts for Home - Arrival in England
  14. Starts a Third Time for Africa - His reported Murder – Expedition sent in search of him - Letters from himself - Again lost to view - Mr. H. M. Stanley finds him at Ujiji
  15. Dr. Livingstone as found by Mr. Stanley - Expedition to North End of Lake Tanganyika - Dr. Livingstone accompanies Mr. Stanley to Unyanyembe - Mr. Stanley's Arrival in England - Sketch of his Life
  16. Letters of Dr. Livingstone - Incidents of Travel - The Slave Trade in Central Africa - Geographical Conclusions, etc.
  17. Sir Bartle Frere's Mission - Expeditions sent to assist Dr. Livingstone - His Death - Some Account of his Family, etc.
  18. Account of Last Illness and Death of Dr. Livingstone – Public Funeral in Westminster Abbey, etc.

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