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John Sargent [1780-1833], The Life and Letters of the Rev. Henry Martyn

London: Seeley & Co., 1885. Hbk. pp.463.

This book is in the Public Domain

John Sargent [1780-1833], The Life and Letters of the Rev. Henry Martyn


  • Preface
  • Preface to 10th Edition
  1. Early life of Henry Martyn - His successful academical career
  2. His advancement in piety - College employments - Decides on becoming a Missionary - His Ordination
  3. Commencement of his Ministerial labours-Collegiate Duties - Applies for a Chaplainship under the East India Company - Visits Cornwall - His sufferings on leaving England
  4. Departure from Eugland - Occurrences during his Voyage - At St. Salvador - And at the Cape of Good Hope - Arrives at Madras - And at Calcutta
  5. Mr. Martyn's arrival at Calcutta - Residence at Aldeen - Preaches at Calcutta - Is appointed to Diuapore- Leaves Calcutta - Journal of his voyage up the Hoogly and Ganges
  6. Mr. Martyn is fixed at Dinapore - Commences his Ministry - Translations - Disputes with his Moonshee and Pundit - Difficulties respecting the Schools - His happiness in the work of Translation
  7. Mr. Martyn receives intelligence of the death of his eldest Sister - Letters to his friends - Is removed to Cawnpore - Hears of the death of his youngest Sister - Determines to visit Arabia and Persia -Leaves Cawnpore for Calcutta - Departs for Arabia
  8. Mr. Martyn leaves Bengal for Shiraz-Occurrences during his journey - Arrives at Shiraz - Commences a New Translation - Discussions with the Persian Moollahs
  9. First Public Discussion at Shiraz - Mr. Martyn replies to a Defence of Mohammedanism - Interview with the Head of the Soofies - Visits Persepolis - Translations - Discussions
  10. Mr. Martyn leaves Shiraz in order to lay before the King his Translation of the New Testament - Arrives at the camp - Is not admitted to an audience - Proceeds to Tebriz - Severe illness
  11. Mr. Martyn commences his journey homewards, by way of Constantinople - Visits Ech-Miazin - Suffers from fever - Dies at Tocat in Persia - View of his Character - Conclusion
  • APPENDIX: Letters to Miss Grenfell

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