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Johann Gerhard Oncken: His Life and Work
John Hunt Cooke [1828-1908]

Book Description

Johann Gerhard Oncken: his life and work
Publication Year:
S.W. Partridge & Co.
Christian Mission, Biography, Johann Gerhard Oncken
Copyright Holder:
Public domain
John Hunt Cooke [1828-1908], Johann Gerhard Oncken: his life and work


  • Preface
  1. Varel. Curse of Napoleon's Conquests. Birth in 1800. Childhood. To be made a Man of. Edinburgh. London. Conversion. Beginning of Evangelical Work.
  2. Salvation by Faith. Removal to Hamburg. Mission Work. Founds Sunday School. Opposition. Becomes a Citizen. Anecdote of Herr Lenthe. Marriage. Family Life. Home Trials. Letter to Miss Mann.
  3. True Greatness. Scriptural Baptism and Churches. Professor Barnard Sears. Three Sources of Authority in Religion. Results.
  4. In Full Work. Pen Portrait. Anabaptists. Separation after Baptism. Imprisonment. Story of Blankenese. Kohner. Lehmann. Conflagration at Hamburg. 1848. Missionary Tours. College.
  5. Publication Work. J. Braun. Ideas of Holiness. Record of a Tour. Baptisms.
  6. Stories of Persecution. Remarkable Speech of Pastor Rühl. American and British Friends.Charity and Principle. Condition of Public Opinion. Special Message to Men. Evangelists. Visits to Hampstead. Letter to Martin Hood Wilkin. Interview with Hon. and Rev. Baptist Noel. Mrs. Ann Oncken. Nonwalk Railway Accident. Letter 'to his Son, W. S. Oncken.
  7. First Visit to Russia in 1864. St. Petersburg. Interview with Count Sievers. Second Visit in 1869. Hardships. Dean Stanley.
  8. Interview with Rev. C. H. Spurgeon. Mr. Spurgeon's Visit to Hamburg. Opening of New Baptist Chapel at Hamburg. Church at Altona. Strife and Reconciliation. Wark in times of War.
  9. Illness in 1879. Dr. Philip Bickel. Appreciation by Bible Society of Scotland. Zurich. Last Days, Interment at Hamburg.