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Albert Kent Langridge [1857-1938] & Frank H.L. Paton

John G. Paton. Later Years and Farewell

London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1912. Hbk. pp.286.

This book is in the Public Domain

Albert Kent Langridge [1857-1938] & Frank H.L. Paton, John G. Paton. Later Years and Farewell


  • Introduction
  • Preface
  1. Introductory
  2. A Deputation to America
  3. A Legacy to America
  4. Welcome to the Homeland
  5. Ireland and Later Meetings
  6. Mrs J.G. Paton's Journal
  7. The Deadly Kanaka Traffic Conflict
  8. Back to Australia and the New Hebrides
  9. The Story of the "Dayspring"
  10. Back to Tanna and Deputation Work
  11. Giving Aniwa the Complete New Testament
  12. Round the World at Seventy-Six
  13. The Last Visit to Britain
  14. To the Islands Again
  15. The Last Visit to Aniwa
  16. the Passing of Margaret Whitecross Paton
  17. Two Heroines
  18. Indomitable to the End
  19. The Home Call
  20. James Paton
  21. Reminiscences and Conclusion
  22. Appreciations

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