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The Romance of Labrador
Sir Wilfred T. Grenfell [1865-1940]

London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1934. Hbk. pp.306.

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This book is in the Public Domain



  1. The Pageant of the Rocks (The Stage Is Set)
  2. The Pageant of the Indians (The Curtain Rises)
  3. The Pageant of the Eskimo (The "Innuit" Arrive)
  4. The Pageant of the Vikings ("Winged Hats And Dragon Ships")
  5. The Pageant of the Big Four (The Kaleidoscope Shifts) Columbus, Cabot, Cortereal, and Cartier)
  6. The Pageant of the French ("Le Coq Se Trouve Dans Le Nouveau Monde")
  7. The Pageant of the English Occupation (The Lion's Share)
  8. The Pageant of the Unitas Fratrum (Peaceful Penetration)
  9. The Undersea Pageant. ("Oh, Ye Whales and All That Move in the Waters"
  10. The Pageant of the Three Kings (Of Sub-Arctic Waters)
  11. The Pageant of the Soil (Phanerogams and Cryptogams)
  12. The Pageant of the Animals ("The 'Little Brothers' of the 'Labourer's Land' ")
  13. The Pageant of the Air (Winged Victory)
  14. The Pageant of Forty Years and After

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