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Thomas Birch Freeman. The Son of an African
F. Deaville Walker [1878-1945]

London: Student Christian Movement, [1929]. Hbk. pp.221.

This book is in the Public Domain

F. Deaville Walker [1878-1945], Thomas Birch Freeman. The Son of an African


  • Author's Preface
  • Map
  1. The Son of an African
  2. The Call of Africa
  3. Outward Bound
  4. The Gold Coast When Freeman Landed
  5. The Valley of the Shadow of Death
  6. Establishing rthe Gold Coast Mission
  7. Through the Forest to Kumasi
  8. Received by the Ashanti King
  9. In the City of Blood
  10. A Year of Hard Work
  11. Five Months in England
  12. New Hopes, New Sorrows
  13. Clearing a Path Through the Primeval Forest
  14. Planting the Church in Kumasi
  15. Progress and Trials
  16. To the Slave Coast and Abeokuta
  17. With the King of the Dahomey
  18. Fourteen Busy Years
  19. Sixteen Years in Retirement
  20. Freeman in Old Age Returns to the Work
  • An Epilogue
  • Index

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