Amelia Hudson Broomhall

Biography of Benjamin Broomhall and Amelia Hudson Broomhall

Today’s free book is a biography of Benjamin Broomhall and Amelia Hudson Broomhall. Benjamin Broomhall was a childhood friend of James Hudson Taylor. He married Taylor’s sister and became the general Secretary of the China Inland Mission.

The public domain book was written by their son, Marshall Broomhall and this copy is held in Spurgeon’s College library. It was sent by the author to F.B. Meyer, whom he hoped would promote it (see letter below and pdf here).

Marshall Broomhall [1866-1937], Heirs Together of the Grace of Life. Benjamin Broomhall and Amelia Hudson Broomhall. London: Morgan & Scott Ltd., / China Inland Mission, [1918]. Hbk. pp.146. [Click here to visit the download page for this title]


  • Preface
  • Author’s Preface
  • The Grace of Life
  • The Young Man
  • The Maiden
  • The Lovers
  • More Love Letters
  • The Mother
  • The Father
  • The Man of Action
  • The Woman of Prayer
  • The Golden Sunset

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