Missionary Survey of Nyasaland, Present Day Malawi

Missionary Survey of Nyasaland, Present Day Malawi

Today's free book is a missionary survey of Nyasaland (Malawi since 6th July 1964) in Central Africa from 1926. The…

12 months ago

Biography of Daniel Mtusu by Donald Fraser

This biography of Malawian Christian Daniel Mtusa was written by Donald Fraser, based on Mtusu's own account of his life.…

5 years ago

Livingstone and the Exploration of Central Africa

David Livingstone [1813-1873], pioneer medical missionary and explorer is probably the best known of Victorian missionaries. This biography is a…

7 years ago

Life of William Percival Johnson Archdeacon of Nyasa

William Percival Johnson [1854-1928] was a missionary of the Anglo-Catholic Universities' Mission to Central Africa. He was know as the…

8 years ago

History of the Universities’ Central Mission to Africa

The Universities' Central Mission to Africa (c.1857 - 1965) was set up by Anglican graduates from the Universities of Oxford,…

8 years ago