Twelve Lectures on Moravian Missions

Augustus C. Thompson [1812-1901], Moravian Missions. Twelve Lectures
Augustus C. Thompson [1812-1901], Moravian Missions. Twelve Lectures – Frontispiece
This book preserves twelve substantial lectures on Moravian Missions by Augustus C. Thompson [1812-1901]. My thanks to Redcliffe College for providing me with an original copy to scan. This book is in the Public Domain.

Augustus C. Thompson [1812-1901], Moravian Missions. Twelve Lectures. New York: Charles Scribners Sons, 1882. Hbk. pp.516. [Click to download complete book in PDF]


  1. The Moravians
  2. Count Zinzendorf
  3. Mission to the West Indies
  4. Mission to South and Central America
  5. Mission to Greenland
  6. Mission to Labrador
  7. Missions to North American Indians
  8. North American Indians (concluded)
  9. Missions to South America
  10. South Africa (concluded)
  11. Mission to Australia
  12. Résumé and Characteristics


The following Lectures form one of the courses on Foreign Missions delivered at the Theological Seminary, Andover, during the years 1877-1880, and to the Theological Department of the Boston University, 1882.

The literature of the several subjects is added with considerable fullness; one reason being that American and English readers have less acquaintance with this department of missionary literature than with many others. As the Moravian missions are conducted chiefly by Germans, it is natural that various authorities in their language should appear in the list. The works cited differ greatly in value; but by an ample citation the author desires to aid inquirers -who may wish to go over the same ground, in part or wholly, which he has himself traversed. A perusal of these works, or any considerable portion of them, can hardly fail to foster the sentiment of Count Zinzendorf: “The whole earth is the Lord’s; men’s souls are his; I am debtor to all. [Continue Reading]

200 Years of Moravian Missions 1732-1932

The Advance Guard. 200 Years of Moravian Missions 1732-1932This little book summarises 200 years of Moravian missions as they spread to the four corners of the world. My thanks to Redcliffe College for providing the original copy to scan. This book is in the public domain.

Anonymous, The Advance Guard. 200 Years of Moravian Missions 1732-1932. London: Moravian Book Room, n.d. Hbk. pp.93.[Click to download complete book in PDF]


Part I – Zinzendorf and Spangenberg

The Send-Off
The West Indies
Gens Aeterna
Greenland and Labrador
The North American Indians
Missionary Ventures
The Leaders
The Missionaries
The Home Church
The Missionary Hymn

Part II – From Spangenberg Till Now

1. The New Movement
2. A Fresh Start in South Africa
3. The Centenary
4. The Freedman
5. Progress in South Africa
6. The Eskimo
7. New Branches on the Old Tree:

a. Nicaragua
b. California
c. Australia
d. Tibet
e. East Africa

8. The War
9. Rebuilding and Alterations


When it was known what literary provision was being made for the Bicentenary of Moravian Missions, it seemed useless to attempt an independent history in English. Among the volumes announced was one by Bishop Baudert, D.D., bearing the title, “Auf der Hut des Herrn” (On the Lord’8 Watch). Bishop Baudert’s book, if adapted to the requirements of the average reader, was just what was needed. When the translator asked permission to treat it freely for this purpose the request was willingly granted. The original has been shortened, and some passages have been altered where knowledge was assumed which the English reader cannot be expected to possess unless he has an intimate acquaintance with the subject treated of. The prologue and the second chapter have been inserted to help those who have no other history at hand. In spite of these changes, the character of the book remains the same, and the translator has tried to give, not only the sense, but also the tone of his friend’s words. They are worthy to be heard by the whole Church, and not only by a part, when it listens to those who tell the story of the past and point the moral for to-day and to-morrow. [Continue reading]

History of Moravian Missions

J.E. Hutton [1838-1937], A History of Moravian MissionsThe Moravian Mission began with a visitation of the Holy Spirit on August 13th 1727. It sparked a 24/7 prayer meeting that lasted or a hundred years and was responsible for sending more that half of the Protestant overseas missionary of the eighteenth century. As no study of missions could be complete without a reference to Count Zinzendorf and the fellowship at Herrnhut (the “Lord Watch”) I am very pleased to be able to upload the official Moravian account of its history.

J.E. Hutton [1838-1937], A History of Moravian Missions. London: Moravian Publication Office, n.d. Hbk. pp.550. [Click to download in PDF]

This book is in the public domain.

Book I. The Eighteenth Century Pioneers, 1700-1800

  1. The Dreamer, 1700-81
  2. The Voice in the Night, 1781-2
  3. The Danish West Indies, 1786-82
  4. The British West Indies, 1754-1800
  5. Greenland, 1788-74
  6. The North American Indians, 1784-1808
  7. The South American Indians, 1785-1808
  8. The Bush Negroes of Surinam, 1765-1818
  9. South Africa: The Hottentots, 1786-44
  10. Labrador, 1752-1804
  11. The Jews, 1788-42
  12. The Flying Scouts, 1784-1822
  13. Zinzendorf as Missionary Leader, 1781-60
  14. The Count’s Successors, 1760-1800

Book II. The Builders, 1800-1914

  1. Jamaica; or West Indies; Western Province, 1805-1914
  2. The West Indies; Eastern Province, 1800-1914
  3. Greenland, 1800-1900
  4. The North American Indians, 1808-1901
  5. Surinam, 1800-1914
  6. South Africa, West; or the Hottentots, 1792-1914
  7. South Africa, East; Or the Kaffirs, 1818-1914
  8. Labrador, 1804-1914

Book III. The Modern Advance, 1848-1914

  1. Nicaragua, 1849·1914
  2. Victoria, 1849-1905
  3. Western Tibet, 1853-1914
  4. The Leper Home at Jerusalem, 1867-1914
  5. Demerara, 1878-1914.
  6. Alaska, 1885-1914
  7. California, 1889·1914
  8. North Queensland, 1891-1914
  9. East Central Africa: Nyassa, 1891-1914
  10. East Central Africa: Unyamwezi, 1898-1914

Book IV. Methods, Measures and Ideals

  1. The System of Government
  2. The Work of the Synods, 1760-1909
  3. The Synod of 1914; Or, Moravian Missionary Ideals Epilogue: By Bishop Arthur Ward