Story of Regions Beyond Missionary Union

Harry Guinness [1835-1910], These Thirty Years. The Story of the R.B.M.U.The Regions Beyond Missionary Union was founded by Henry Grattan Guinness and his wife Fanny in 1873. Its thousands of workers served in South America, Central Africa, India, Nepal and Irian Jaya. This book by the founder of the mission tells the story of the first 30 years.

My thanks to Redcliffe College for providing a copy of the book to scan. This title is in the public domain.

Harry Guinness [1835-1910], These Thirty Years. The Story of the R.B.M.U. London: The Regions Beyond Missionary Union, 1903. Hbk. pp.106. [Click to download complete book in PDF]


  • Preface
  • These Thirty Years
  • The Child Grew
  • Our Training Institutions
  • The Congo Balolo Mission
  • How Much Longer
  • At Work in the Neglected Continent
  • The Scorn of Job
  • Piercing the Darkness of Peru
  • The Quichua’s Appeal
  • Amongst India’s Millions
  • Our Helpers
  • Strengthening the Stakes
  • A Harley College Group
  • How the Money Comes
  • Our Deputation Secretaries
  • Our Children’s Home
  • The Sleeping Sickness; or, Negro Lethargy
  • Vigilante


The warm appreciation elicited by the earlier edition of “These Thirty “Years,” has encouraged us to conserve in permanent form this special issue of ” Regions Beyond.” A few emendations and improvements have been effected, and an important supplementary chapter added. Our readers will find that instead of a formal report for 1902, we compiled an illustrated survey of the entire work of the R.B.M.U. Our only regret was that lack of space compelled us to omit all reference to the noble efforts of the men and women who have gone forth from our midst to become identified with other Missionary societies, and in some instances to establish Independent Missions in hitherto unreached spheres.

The record was sent forth with the earnest prayer that it might stimulate a deeper interest in the Missions identified with Harley House, and we gratefully acknowledge the kindness and sympathy with which it has been received. Those who still desire to help us can render effective service by introducing this volume to Christian people who may not be acquainted with the work. We shall greatly appreciate any such effort to widen our circle of helpers. [Continue reading]

Further information about R.B.M.U. can be found on the Mundus website.

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