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China Inland Mission’s Witness to the Faithfulness of God

Marshall Broomhall [1866-1937], Our Seal. Being The Witness of the China Inland Mission to The Faithfulness of God.This book is a celebration of God’s faithfulness as demonstrated in the work of the China Inland Mission. My thanks to Redcliffe College for providing me with a copy to scan. This volume is in the Public Domain.

Marshall Broomhall [1866-1937], Our Seal. Being The Witness of the China Inland Mission to The Faithfulness of God. London: China Inland Mission, 1933. Hbk. pp.173. [Click to download complete volume in PDF]


By Way of Introduction

Part 1

Our Seal
God the Builder
Rock Foundations
The Building

Part 2

The Test of Time
The Test of Emergencies
Tests Extraordinary in Great Britain
Tests Extraordinary in North America
Tests Extraordinary in China
The Test of Exchange
The Test of War

Part 3

Some Personal Testimonies
The Half Not Told
Nothing Impossible

Our Seal

Our seals set to, that God is true.

Hudson Taylor, towards the close of a long and strenuous life, when speaking at the last, Annual Meetings of the China Inland Mission he ever attended, gave utterance to the following significant words:

‘I have sometimes met people who said: “Trusting God is a beautiful theory, but it won’t work”. Well, thank God, it has worked, and it does work. I remember a dear friend, an aged minister in London, who said to me in the year 1866: “You are making a great mistake in going to China with no organization behind you. We live in a busy world, and you will all he forgotten, and the Mission won’t live seven years.” That [said Hudson Taylor] was the prophecy of this good man-and a wise one too. But he was mistaken.’

It is more than thirty-two years since Hudson Taylor gave this striking testimony in Toronto, and it is more than sixty-six years since that aged minister in London uttered his mournful prediction. Time has amply justified Hudson Taylor’s faith in and obedience to God. And every subsequent trial and perplexity has only served to make the faithfulness of God more plain and manifest.

It is now seventy years since James Meadows joined Hudson Taylor as the first member of that new organization which three years later was to become known as the China Inland Mission. The foundations of this new work were the Promises of God. Hudson Taylor had nothing else to build on. For seventy long and exacting years those pledges of God’s love have been subjected to the severest tests that life can command. They have not been found wanting. A thousand promises have declared and still declare God’s ‘constancy of love’. And ten thousand experiences proclaim that God’s Word is ‘unalterably sure’. [Continue Reading]

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