By Searching: Autobiography of Isobel Kuhn, Part 1

Isobel Kuhn and her husband were missionaries to the Lisu people of China and Norther Thailand. This book is the firt part of her autobiography, concluded in In the Arena. My thanks to OMF International UK for their kind permission to digitise and host this book and to Book Aid for making a copy available…

Missions | Vanuatu

Missionary Tours in the New Hebrides – Maurice Frater

Maurice Frater [1873-1941] recounts his experiences as a missionary in the Islands of the New Hebrides – now Vanuatu. My thanks to Redcliffe College for making a copy of this public domain book available for digitisation. Maurice Frater [1873-1941], Midst Volcanic Fires. An Account of Missionary Tours Among the Volcanic Islands of the New Hebrides…

China | Missions

Biography of John Sung by Leslie T Lyall

John Sung was a Chinese evangelist. He travelled to the US, where he earned a Ph.D. from Ohio State University before studying theology at Union Theological Seminary. Ralph R. Covell, writing in the Biographical Dictionary of Christian Missions, notes that… After his return to China in 1927, he engaged in widespread evangelism, teaching, and training…

Angola | Baptist Missionary Society | Cameroon | Missions

These Seventy Years: Autobiography of Thomas Lewis

Thomas Lewis served with the Baptist Missionary Society (BMS) in Africa in the areas known today as Cameroon, Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo. My thanks to Book Aid for making a copy of this pulic domain book available for digitisation. Thomas Lewis [1859-1929], These Seventy Years. An Autobiography. London: The Carey Press, 1930….


James Chalmers of New Guinea by William Robson

This is a biography of the famous missionary to the Cook Islands and Papua New Guinea (as they are now called), James Chalmers. My thanks to Book Aid for making a copy of this public domain title available for scanning. William Robson, James Chalmers of New Guinea. London:Pickering & Inglis, [1933]. Hbk. pp.191. [Click here…