Aerial view of Tangier in 1932
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Way of the Sevenfold Secret by Lilias Trotter

Today’s free book is a rare work written for Muslim evangelism by one of the founders of the Algiers Mission Band, Lilias Trotter. My thanks to AWM Pioneers for the loan of this booklet.

S.S. “China”, October 15th, 1926.

To Those who have lived many years in the Near East Miss Lilias Trotter has long been known as one who, to a most unusual degree, has been gifted with the power to express in simple, clear and moving words the truths of God as revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Since the great Conference on the Mount of Olives in 1924-during which Miss Trotter added greatly to her already rich stores of experience- though confined to bed for more than two years and heavily handicapped by bodily weakness, her ready pen has continued to carry on the work to which most evidently the Spirit of God has called her.

The “Sevenfold Secret” has already been published in Arabic and is now being sold to many Moslems, To the Sufis, the Mystics sf Islam, it cannot fail to come as verily a revelation of the loving purposes of God for the salvation of men’s souls from the powers of darkness, of ignorance and of sin. To many Christians also this same book, now published in English, will come as indeed a revelation-vouchsafed through this well-tried saint of God-a revelation both of the love and of the beauty of our Blessed Saviour Jesus.

It is to me a real privilege to be associated, in however humble a way, with the work of faith, the labour of love and the patience of hope to which the author has been called. Most earnestly do I commend this little book to the careful study and the prayers of all those into whose hands it may come.

Bishop of Jerusalem.


[Isabella Lilias Trotter [1853-1928], The Way of the Sevenfold Secret, 2nd edn. Cairo & Jerusalem: Nile Mission Press, 1926, 1927. Pbk. pp.62. [Click here to visit the download page for this title]


  • Foreword – Rennie MacInnes, Bishop of Jerusalem
  • Preface
  1. The Secret of Satisfaction. The Bread of Life
  2. The Secret of Illumination. The Light of the World
  3. The Secret of Access. The Door
  4. The Secret of Leadership. The Shepherd
  5. The Secret of Life Through Death. The Resurrection and The Life
  6. The Secret of Progress. The Way, the Truth, and the Life
  7. The Secret of Abiding (or, Union). The True Vine
  8. Conclusion (al-Khatima)

Main image: Aerial view of Tangier in 1932. Source: Wikipedia

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