James Benjamin McCullagh: Missionary and Bible Translator

John William Wright Moeran [1859-1943], McCullagh of AiyanshJames Benjamin McCullagh [1854–1921] served with the Church Missionary Society in British Columbia. He is notable for his translation of the Bible and the Book of Common Prayer into the Nisga’a language. As the title of this biography implies, he work was centred around the village of Aiyansh.

My thanks to Redcliffe College for providing me with a copy of the book to scan. This title is in the public domain.

John William Wright Moeran [1859-1943], McCullagh of Aiyansh. London: Marshall Brothers, Ltd., [1923]. Hbk. pp.232. [Click here to download the complete book in PDF]

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  1. A Great Renunciation
  2. Westward Ho!
  3. The Land of the Setting Sun
  4. Tkaganlakhatqu
  5. The Dawn of a New Day
  6. Early Morning Clouds
  7. The Language and Education of a People
  8. The Red Man as a Heathen
  9. The Red Man as a Christian
  10. The Art of Healing
  11. Indian Fishing Camps and Salmon Rivers
  12. A Forward Movement
  13. The Realization of a Splendid Dream
  14. Gathering in the Heathen
  15. The Church Militant
  16. Vengeance and Reconciliation
  17. Through Deep Waters
  18. The Salvage of a Derelict Mission
  19. The Shore End of the Net
  20. Sunlight and Shadows on the Naas
  21. Fighting a Forest Fire
  22. Burned Out
  23. Relapse and Revival
  24. The White Man
  25. With Voice and Pen
  26. The Flood
  27. Sunset
  28. Character and Service
  • Epilogue


This book is not so much the history of a  Mission as it is the story of the man who was the life and soul of the Mission. It is primarily a  biography, written with the purpose of portraying the character and gifts of James Benjamin McCullagh, and of showing how he applied his talents to the pioneering enterprise and subsequent development of the work he had undertaken. [Continue reading]

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