History of the Church Missionary Society in Nigeria

F. Deaville Walker, The Romance of the Black RiverThis book tells the story of the work of the Church Missionary Society in Nigeria. My thanks the the C.M.S. for their permission to place this book on on-line.

F. Deaville Walker, The Romance of the Black River. The Story of C.M.S. Nigeria Mission. London: Church Missionary Society, 1931. Hbk. pp.267. [Click to download the entire book in PDF]


1 – The Cry of the Slaves
2 – The Discovery of the Great Black River
3 – With the Niger Expedition of 1841
4 – The Call From Abeotuka
5 – Planting the Mission in the Egba Capital
6 – The Church Established in Abeokuta
7 – A Decade of Expansion and Progress
8 – A Voyage up the Niger and Tshadda
9 – Crowther Founds the Niger Missions
10 – A Period of Trouble and Disappointment
11 – Lagos Becomes the Mission Headquarters
12 – “The Black Bishop”
13 – The Niger Mission Reinforced By White Missionaries
14 – Reorganisation and Progress
15 – “The Central Sudan”
16 – Nigeria in Transition
17 – Mission Activities
18 – The Task Before Us



The penetration of Africa by the explorer has · been succeeded by the opening up of the dark continent to all the impacts of western commerce, civilization, and education. In Nigeria these changes have inaugurated for good or ill a new era which is rapidly shaping the destiny of this great tract of Africa.

The Church Missionary Society has carried on its work in Nigeria from the days of the earlier pioneers until now when there is a virile, growing, native Church, self-supporting and self-extending. The time has therefore fully come for the issue of a historical account of a mission whose story must rank as one of the great romances of missionary enterprise, an epic of the work of the C.M.S. in West Africa.

We are grateful to Mr. Deaville Walker for accepting the invitation· to write this book. His extensive personal knowledge of the territory has enabled him to write with the experience of an eyewitness, and his long study of the history of the progress of Christianity in West Africa has given to him a statesmanlike survey of the immense problems confronting the young Church there. [Continue reading]

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