History of the Irish Presbyterian Mission to Manchuria

Frederick William Scott O'Neill [1870-1946], The Call of the East. Sketches From the History of the Irish Mission to Manchuria. Opposite. p.92.This book is a collection of articles about the work of the Irish Presbyterian Church in Manchuria, published on the occasion of its 25 Anniversary. My thanks to Redcliffe College for providing me with a copy to scan. This title became public domain this year.

Frederick William Scott O’Neill [1870-1946], The Call of the East. Sketches From the History of the Irish Mission to Manchuria. London: James Clarke & Co., [1919]. Hbk. pp.130. [Click to download complete book in PDF]


  1. Spying Out the Land
  2. The Barred Gate
  3. The Dreamer Awakes
  4. Trial By Fire
  5. The Citadel of the Kingdom
  6. A Rushing, Mighty Wind
  7. The People of the Book
  8. From the East
  9. From the West
  10. The Struggle Ahead
  11. Table of Dates
  12. List of Missionaries, 1918
  13. Statistics For 1918
  14. Some Comparisons
  15. Questions on the Chapters
  16. Brief Bibliography


On the occasion of the jubilee of the Manchuria Mission of the Irish Presbyterian Church, and at the suggestion of the Conveners of the Foreign Mission, these sketches have been put together, largely from the pages of The Missionary Herald and, to some extent, from Woman’s Work. The book is intended for the members of the Young People’s Guild and for general reading, its aim being to present a picture, however incomplete, of certain outstanding events of the history, and some principal phases of the work, of the last fifty years.

While, in the main, the arrangement followed is in accordance with chronological order, nevertheless each chapter is meant to be complete in itself, a plan which should be of service for purposes of study. [Continue reading]

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