Biography and Letters of Dixon Edward Hoste [1861-1946]

Phyllis Thompson [1906- ], D.E. Hoste. "A Prince with God". Hudson Taylor's Successor as general Director of the China Inland MissionDixon Edward Hoste (23 July 1861 – 11 May 1946) was Hudson’s Taylor’s successor as General Director of the China Inland Mission. This book provides us with a a biography and a selection of his letters. My thanks to OMF International UK for their kind permission to place this book on-line and to Redcliffe College for providing a copy of the book to scan. You can read a brief summary of D.E. Hoste’s life on Wikipedia.

Phyllis Thompson [1906- ], D.E. Hoste. “A Prince with God”. Hudson Taylor’s Successor as general Director of the China Inland Mission. London: China Inland Mission, [1947]. Hbk. pp.222. View in PDF format pdf [Click to download complete book in PDF]




  • Early Years
  • The Cambridge Seven
  • First Impressions
  • Hungtung
  • Preparation of a Leader
  • Marriage and Furlough
  • Leader of the Mission
  • Building on the Foundations
  • Spiritual Leadership
  • The Man Himself
  • The Forward Movement
  • The which Remained

Extracts from Letters

Spiritual Leadership
Qualifications for Leadership
Conditions of True Success
Preparation for Leadership
Towards Unity
The Oracles of God
The One Thign Needful
True Humility
“He Humbled Himself”
The Secret of Submission
Love Worked Out in Daily Life
Widening Love
To All Men


No one who is separated to the Gospel of God as D. E. Hoste was can fail to profit by the reading of this book. He was chosen to be leader in the work of the China Inland Mission because he had served the people of China and his fellow missionaries in a spirit of love, humility and self-discipline. Writing to Hudson Taylor from Shansi after less than a year in China, he asks prayer for help in language study and in getting to know the people. “More .and more I see,” he says, “that there will be need of much love and forbearance and willingness to be the inferior, if one is really to get across the gulf there is between us.” By God’s grace, these qualities were manifest in his life and so he succeeded in bridging the gulf. [Continue reading]

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