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Cecil Robertson of Sianfu by F.B. Meyer

Dr Cecil Robertson was a Baptist medical missionary to China. He was converted through the ministry of F.B. Meyer, who compiled this book, mainly from Robertson’s own writings. My thanks to Redcliffe College for making a copy of this public domain title available for digitisation. Frederick Brotherton Meyer [1847-1929], Memorials of Cecil Robertson of Sianfu….


Story of the Chinese Crisis – the Boxer Uprising of 1899-1901

This book is a compilation of eye-witness material put together quickly in the wake of the Boxer Uprising of 1899-1901 for the benefit of supporters in the West. This public domain title was kindly provided for digitisation by Redcliffe College. Stanley P. Smith [1861-1931], China From Within, or the Story of the Chinese Crisis, 2nd…

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In the Arena by Isobel Kuhn

In this book Isobel Kuhn completes her autobiography, started in By Searching. My thanks to Book Aid for providing a copy of this book for digitisation and to OMF International-UK for their kind permission to place it online. Isobel Kuhn [1902-1957], In the Arena. London: China Inland Mission, 1959. Hbk. pp.192. [Click here to visit…

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Biography of John Sung by Leslie T Lyall

John Sung was a Chinese evangelist. He travelled to the US, where he earned a Ph.D. from Ohio State University before studying theology at Union Theological Seminary. Ralph R. Covell, writing in the Biographical Dictionary of Christian Missions, notes that… After his return to China in 1927, he engaged in widespread evangelism, teaching, and training…

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Stones of Fire by Isobel Kuhn

The “Stone of Fire” of the title are the Lisu people of the Tibetan plateau, amongst whom Isobel Kuhn served. This title is still in copyright and appears here by kind permission of OMF International-UK. My thanks to Book Aid for providing a copy of this book for digitisation. Isobel Kuhn [1902-1957], Stones of Fire….