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Some London Missionary Society Pioneers of 1816

This book contains brief biographical sketches of five missionaries who served with the London Missionary Society: Robert Moffat (South Africa); Henry Townley (India); William Ellis (Madagascar); George Platt (French Polynesia), and John Williams (Samoa). My thanks to Book Aid for making this public domain title available for digitisation. Augustus Henry Cullen [1861-1918], Blazing the Trail….


Renaissance in India – Its Missionary Aspect (1912)

This text-book is intended primarily for use in Mission Study Circles, and in connection with it Suggestions to Leaders concerning the making of assignments, etc., have been prepared. The Editorial Committee strongly recommend all Circles to make use of these “Suggestions.” They may be obtained by writing to the Mission Study Secretary at any of…

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John Thomas, First Baptist Missionary to Bengal

Dr John Thomas [1757-1801] was a founding member of the Baptist Missionary Society and accompanied William Carey to India in 1793. Charles Bennett Lewis’s biography is one of the standard works on Thomas. The original from which this digital copy was made is held in Spurgeon’s College Library. This book is in the public domain….


Call from India to the Church of England: A Report

This report was issued in 1926 as a wake up call to the Church of England to focus attention on the needs of the church in India. It includes a brief history of Anglican missions in India up to that date. My thanks to The Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide for providing a copy for…


History of the Free Baptist India Mission

This history of the Free Baptist India Mission was published by the Free Baptist Women’s Missionary Society in Boston, Massachusetts in 1886. A sizable part previously appeared in this Society’s journal, the Missionary Helper. In April 1916 in merged with two other groups (Home Mission, and Foreign Mission) to become the Woman’s Baptist Mission Society….