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Memories of the Mission Field – Christine I. Tinling

Christine Isabel Tinling [1869-1943], Memories of the Mission Field.Christine Isabel Tinling [1869-1943] travelled extensively in Africa and the Far East, serving in at least seven countries. This book is a collection of evangelistic sketches illustrating her work between 1920 and 1924. My thanks to Redcliffe College for providing me with a copy of this book to scan. This title is in the public domain.

Christine Isabel Tinling [1869-1943], Memories of the Mission Field. London: Morgan & Scott, [1927]. Hbk. pp.158. [Click to download the complete book in PDF]


  • Foreword by F.B. Meyer
  • Author’s Note
  1. Snapshots from Syria
  2. The Widows of Brindaban
  3. Some of Calcutta’s Contrasts
  4. Newspaper Evangelism in Japan
  5. Half a Dozen Heroines
  6. The Man from Ping-Liang
  7. China New Year
  8. A Three-fold Cord
  9. A School of the Prophets
  10. A Missionary’s “Extras”
  11. On Shantung’s Shore
  12. Among Chinese Factory Girls
  13. Beauty From Ashes
  14. One of His Jewels
  15. Shipwrecked Souls
  16. Two Typical Groups
  17. Missionary Housekeeping

Chapter 1: Snapshots from Syria

It is a pleasant experience to be thus associated with the daughter of a life-friend, Rev. J. F. B. Tinling, and to realize that she has inherited so large a portion of his passion for the service of humanity in the Name of Christ. Already the books in which she has delineated her specific service for the Womanhood of the Far East have met with wide acceptance; but these pages contain the record of many other phases of life and work which have arrested her interest. We may call them snapshots, which reveal traits and characteristics salient to the vast populations of the Far East.

Slowly and inevitably these populations are awaking from the stagnation of millenniums. For better or worse they are feeling the impact of our civilization. The missionary, the trader, the cinema, the wireless, the interchange of student life, are conveying to these Eastern peoples new conceptions of life. [Continue reading]

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