Some London Missionary Society Pioneers of 1816

This book contains brief biographical sketches of five missionaries who served with the London Missionary Society: Robert Moffat (South Africa); Henry Townley (India); William Ellis (Madagascar); George Platt (French Polynesia), and John Williams (Samoa). My thanks to Book Aid for making this public domain title available for digitisation. Augustus Henry Cullen [1861-1918], Blazing the Trail….

Pearls of the Pacific: Samoa and Other Islands of the South Seas

Victor Arnold Barradale wrote two books that drew on his three years of missionary service in Samoa. Both had very similar titles. This is the earlier and more heavily illustrated of the two. My thanks to Redcliffe College for making a copy of this public domain title available for digitisation. Victor Arthur Barradale [1874-1947], Pearls…

Twelve Mighty Missionaries by Esthme Ethelind Enock [1874-1947]

Esthme Enock’s biographical sketches of 12 famous missionaries has just entered the public domain. This copy was kindly provided by Book Aid for digitisation. In the table of contents below I have linked to the bibligraphy pages on, where you will find further material on each missionary. Esthme Ethelind Enock [1874-1947], Twelve Mighty Missionaries….