History of the Bible Churchmen’s Missionary Society – First 25 years

Bible Churchmen's Society College in Bristol

The history of the Bible Churchmen’s Missionary Society, now Crosslinks, from 1922-1947. The book includes several photographs and maps showing the locations of the mission stations in India, Iran, Ethiopia, Uganda, Canada, Morocco and Burma. Reproduced by kind permission of the copyright holder Crosslinks. This PDF can be used for free educational purposes, but not sold for profit without written permission from the copyright holder.

W.S. Hooton & J. Stafford Wright, The First Twenty-Five Years of the Bible Churchmen’s Missionary Society (1922-47). London: Bible Churchmen;s Missionary Society, 1947. Hbk. pp.242. [Click to visit the download page]


  • Foreword, by the Rev. Daniel H.C. Bartlett, M.A., D.D

    Authors’ Preface

  1. A New Church Society
  2. Early Days and Small Beginnings
  3. Consolidation and Extension
  4. The Colleges
  5. Another Contindent Entered
  6. Stubborn Strongholds of Antichrist
  7. The Most Troubled Land
  8. Thrusting Outward in the Burma Field
  9. Gatehring up the Threads
  10. The Falling Star of Ethiopia
  11. China’s Two Suns
  12. Rays in India’s Darkness
  13. Bright Sky in Burma
  14. A Constellation and Single Stars
  15. The Young Crescent
  16. The Lights of Home
  17. Remote from the Battle Fronts
  18. Threatened, but not Touched
  19. Disorganization in Africa
  20. China Still in the Throes
  21. “A People Scattered and Peeled”
  22. Testing Times at Home
  23. Building Waste Places
  • Epilogue, by the Rev A.T. Houghton
  • Appendices
  • Index


This history has been entrusted· to one who did not take part in those inner councils which germinated and eventually directed the life of B.C.M.S., but who watched with sympathetic interest from an independent position the founding of a new Society based upon the wholehearted acceptance of the trustworthiness of the Word of God written and the Word of God Incarnate.

And the object of this history is simply to give Glory to God without Whose enablement and guidance the whole effort would have expired ignominiously. But Divine Grace manifested in the gift of a practical Faith engendered a “don’t-careism” concerning the things of Time, so necessary to the launching of a new witness to Truth amidst almost universal opposition….

Dawn on the Kachin Hills

C.H. Denyer, Dawn on the Kachin HillsDawn on the Kachin Hills serves both as a helpful introduction to Christian Missions in general and to the work of Bible Churchmen’s Missionary Society there. It also includes material on the work among the Naga peoples of what is now the most easterly parts of India.

My thanks to Crosslinks for their permission to place the book on-line and to Redcliffe College for providing a copy to scan. This book is copyright Crosslinks.

C.H. Denyer, Dawn on the Kachin Hills. A Brief Account of Burma and Its Peoples, and of Missionary Work among them, with Special Reference to the Races of Upper Burma and the New Mission of the Bible Churchmen’s Missionary Society. London: Bible Churchmen’s Missionary Society, 1927. Pbk. pp.112. [Click to download complete book in PDF]


  • Preface by Sir Harry Stileman
  • Foreword by the Author
  1. Burma in General. Some Geography and a Little History
  2. Rangoon, Lower Burma and the Burmans
  3. How the Gospel came to Burma
  4. The Kachin Hills and the Government
  5. The Kachins, Their Origins and Customs
  6. More about the Shans
  7. The New B.C.M.S. Work in Upper Burma
  8. The Daily Routine of a New Missionary
  • One Word More


  1. Other Books to Read
  2. Hints for Study Circles on Burma

First Twelve Years of BCMS Burma Mission

A.T. Houghton [1896-1993], Dense Jungle Green. The First Twelve Years of the B.C.M.S. Burma MissionThis is an account of the beginnings of the Bible Churchmen’s Missionary Society (B.C.M.S.) work in Burma. B.C.M.S. became Crosslinks in 1992. My thanks to Crosslinks and to Rev. A.T. Houghton’s family for their kind  permission to place this book on-line, and to Redcliffe College for providing a copy to scan. This book is copyright Crosslinks.

A.T. Houghton [1896-1993], Dense Jungle Green. The First Twelve Years of the B.C.M.S. Burma Mission. London: Bible Churchmen’s Missionary Society, 1937. Hbk. pp.255. [Click to download complete book in PDF]


Author’s Notes

  1. How it Came About
  2. History and Geography
  3. The Progress of the Pioneers
  4. Early Days
  5. Mountain and Plain
  6. Problems of Race and Language
  7. A Courageous Couple
  8. We Tackle Other Races
  9. The Town of the Ogre
  10. Advancing Northwards
  11. By the Lakeside
  12. Interlude, and a Venture in Reorganisation
  13. Gains and Losses
  14. A Notorious Slave Centre
  15. The Source of the World’s Jade
  16. A New Venture by the Sea
  17. “The Place Where the Tiger Roared”
  18. How We Get About
  19. How We Live
  20. Living Epistles
  21. Our Bit
  22. “We Have Left Undone”

Roll of Missionaries

Foreword By Rear-Admiral Sir Harry H. Stileman, K.B.E.

I accept with pleasure the invitation of the author of Dense Jungle Green to write this Foreword, seeing I  have a very close and intimate touch with the B.C.M.S. Mission in Burma, through the link of family ties, and personal acquaintance with every member of the mission staff, except my grand-daughter, born in the Hukawng valley last autumn.

I have watched the growth and development of the mission with prayerful interest and attention ever since its inception, and rejoice in the remarkable results attained.

The method of pure evangelism in contradistinction to excessive institutionalism is the plan upon which this Mission has worked: every missionary first and foremost an evangelist; and, coupled with that, an absolute reliance upon the Word of God to do the work that the Holy Spirit intends, of convicting and converting. [Continue reading]