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Journal of the North Africa Mission Now Online

Some of the early missionaries with the North Africa Mission (1892)

Last year I was approached by the Arab World Ministry of Pioneers for help in digitising the journal of the North Africa Mission for the first time. This journal dates back to the 1890s and is a unique record of the work of Christian missionaries across North Africa. Among the contributors are a number that caught my eye:

Anyone researching the lives of these missionaries, or any of the many other workers with the North Africa Mission, will want to consult this journal. All of the issues I was sent are now available for free download. Click here to access it. If anyone has any of the issues that are not included here, please let me know.

Among the hundreds of articles is this interesting entry, noting the passing of Pastor Thomas Spurgeon, which records C.H. Spurgeon’s keen interest in the work of the North Africa Mission:

We have to record with regret the death of Pastor Thomas Spurgeon, one of the Mission’s referees. His father, Pastor C. H. Spurgeon, was a great friend of the Mission, and for some years supported four of our missionaries through the funds at his disposal, and he also allowed us the use of his name as a referee. After his death, Pastor Thomas Spurgeon kindly came to help us at one of our annual farewell meetings at Exeter Hall.

North Africa No. 128 n.s. (Jan-Feb. 1918): 11.

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