South Africa

Lives of Robert and Mary Moffat

Today’s free book is a biography of the missionaries Robert & Mary Moffat, written by their son, John. This public domain title was digitised from a copy of the book that was formerly in Redcliffe College library.

John S. Moffat [1835-1918], The Lives of Robert & Mary Moffat by Their Son, new edition with Preface and Supplementary Chapter. London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1886. Hbk. pp.468. Click here to visit the download page for this title]


  • Preface to the New Edition
  • Preface
  1. Early Years in Scotland, 1795-1814
  2. Religious Convictions, 1815-1816
  3. Preparations and Departure For Africa, 1816
  4. Journey to Namaqualand, 1817-1818
  5. Life in Namaqualand, 1818
  6. The Wife of Robert Moffat, 1819
  7. Robert Moffat Visits the Cape, 1819
  8. Arrival of Mary Smith at the Cape, 1819
  9. Journey to Lattakoo, 1820
  10. Sojourn at Griqua Town, 1820
  11. Sojourn at Griqua Town, 1820-1822
  12. The Mantatee Invasion, 1823-1824
  13. Wars and Rumours of Wars, 1824
  14. Family Bereavements, 1825
  15. Progresson the New Station, 1826
  16. Last Attacks of the Marauders, 1828
  17. Daylight at Last, 1829
  18. Visit to the Cape, 1830-1832
  19. Mary Moffat Travels to the Colony, 1833-1834
  20. A Scientific Expedition, 1825
  21. Moffat Itinerates, and His Wife Goes to the Coast, 1826
  22. Disturbances in the Interior, 1827
  23. Visit to England, 1836-1841
  24. The Moffats Return to South Africa, 1842, 1843
  25. Mary Moffat Visits Chonwane, 1844-1847
  26. Mary Moffat Journeys to the Cape, 1847-1849
  27. Dark Clouds with a Silver Lining, 1850
  28. Moffat’s Third Journey to Mosilikatse, 1853
  29. Mary Moffat Again Journeys to the Coast, 1854-1856
  30. Fourth Journey to Mosilikatse, 1857
  31. The New Missions to the North, 1859
  32. Establishment of the Matebele Mission, 1860
  33. Family Bereavements, 1862-1867
  34. Departure for England, 1868-1869
  35. Death of Mary Moffat, 1870-1872
  36. Moffat Revisits Carronshire, 1873
  37. Farewell to Children, 1874
  38. Closing Scenes, 1878-1883
  39. Funeral, and Notices of the Press
  40. Reminiscences of Friends
  41. A Supplementary Chapter
  • Index

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