Missionary Work of Jennie Fuller in Akola and Bombay

Helen S. Dyer, A Life for God in India. Memorials of Mrs Jennie Fuller of Akola and BombayJennie Fuller (nee Frow) [1851-1900] was an American missionary with the Christian and Missionary Alliance in India. This book is the standard biography of her life and work. My thanks to Redcliffe College for providing a copy of the book to scan. This title is in the public domain.

Helen S. Dyer, A Life for God in India. Memorials of Mrs Jennie Fuller of Akola and Bombay. New York: Fleming H. Revell, [1903]. Hbk. pp.190. [Click to download complete book in PDF]



  1. Links in a Chain of Blessing
  2. Called and Qualified For a Missionary Career
  3. Steps in Faith and Answers to Prayer
  4. Miss Frow Becomes Mrs Fuller
  5. Busy Years in Akola
  6. A Widening Sphere
  7. Extension and Language Difficulties
  8. The Burden of the Lord. More Prayer for Missions
  9. Travel and Bereavement
  10. The Time of India’s Trouble
  11. Literary Work in America and India
  12. Through Dark Days to Everlasting Life


  1. Testimonies From Far and Near
  2. From Missionaries of the Christian Alliance
  3. In Memoriam
  4. Covenant Promises to Parents


This little book does not claim to be a biography. It is but a simple attempt to gather up the threads of a life lived for God, and to show how He glorified Himself thereby. It claims to show how a life offered, consecrated, and accepted for the King’s service, fitted into His plans for mission work in India, and became a factor in the extension of the knowledge of God over an entire province. It claims to show also how God used this life to edify and extend His Church on earth, and to lift individual Christian souls into higher aims of service; to inspire the home churches with missionary zeal, and rouse them to a sense of their responsibility in regard to prayer for missions.

Our subject, Mrs Jennie Fuller, was a living, loving personality, who gave out to others as freely as God gave to her. In discussing a missionary biography with a literary friend a few weeks before the close of her life on earth, Mrs Fuller remarked,” No one can write a biography of me when I am gone. [Continue reading]

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