Study in Medical Missions by R. Fletcher Moorshead

R. Fletcher Moorshead [1874-1934], The Way of the Doctor. A Study in Medical MissionsR. Fletcher Moorshead [1874-1934] provides a handbook for doctors and nurses preparing for missionary service overseas. The book covers both the theological and practical aspects of the role. My thanks to Redcliffe College for providing a copy of this book to digitise. This title is in the public domain.

R. Fletcher Moorshead [1874-1934], The Way of the Doctor. A Study in Medical Missions. London: The Carey Press, [1926]. Hbk. pp.242. [Click to download complete book in PDF]


  • Foreword: Sir Leonard Rogers
  • Author’s Preface
  1. The Way of the Doctor
  2. “The Way of the Master”
  3. Where There is No Doctor
  4. Modern Medical Science
  5. Medicine and the Gospel (1) Pioneering
  6. Medicine and the Gospel (2) Evangelism and Social Service
  7. Medicine and the Gospel (3) Education
  8. Hospital Evangelism
  9. The Church on the Mission Field and Medical Missions
  10. Women’s Medical Work
  11. The Way of the Nurse
  12. The Doctor at Work
  13. Professional Standards
  14. The Doctor and his Fellow Missionaries
  15. The Preparation of the Missionary Doctor
  16. The Home Base
  17. When is the Doctor Coming?
  • Appendix


During my long service in various parts of India I was greatly impressed with the value of Medical Mission Hospitals. I saw them at work from the Punjab Frontier, where a high administrator declared Dr. Fennel’s influence with the wild border tribes to be worth a regiment of soldiers to the Government, to Assam, where a Mission Doctor had built, largely at his own expense, a Hospital second to none in the province. Therefore I welcome Dr. Fletcher Moorshead’s book describing the principles, methods of work and training of Medical Missionaries, which will bring the value and necessity of such work before a large public who only need to be informed of the intensely interesting and invaluable labours of Medical Missions in many parts of the world to be induced to lend far greater moral and material support to this great civilising and educative movement. [Continue reading]

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