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Among the Mongols
James Gilmour [1843-1891]

London: Religious Tract Society, n.d. Hbk. pp.288.

This book is in the Public Domain

James Gilmour [1843-1891], Among the Mongols


  1. First Acquaintance With Mongolia
  2. Picking Up Mongolian
  3. The Baikal in Winter
  4. Traces of the Old Buriat Mission
  5. Learning to Ride
  6. A Night in a Mongol's Tent
  7. Buying Experience
  8. How to Travel in Mongolia
  9. Dining With a Mongol
  10. Appeal to a Mongol Mandarin
  11. Lama Miao
  12. Urga
  13. Wu T'ai Shan
  14. Kalgan
  15. Doctoring the Mongols
  16. The Gospel in Mongolia
  17. Mongols' Difficulties About Christianity
  18. The First of the White Month
  19. Norbo's Marriage
  20. Friendly Mongols
  21. A Mongol Court of Justice
  22. A Mongol Prison
  23. Whisky in Mongolia
  24. Mongol Toilet
  25. The Mongols in Peking

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