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Book or monograph Mission LegaciesGerald H. Anderson, ed., Mission Legacies: Biographical Studies of Leaders of the Modern Missionary Movement. Orbis, 1995.
On-line Resource Arthur T. Pierson [1837-1911], The New Acts of the Apostles or The Marvels of Modern MissionsArthur T. Pierson [1837-1911], The New Acts of the Apostles or The Marvels of Modern Missions. A Series of Lectures Upon the Foundation of the "Duff Missionary Lectureship" Delivered in Scotland in February and March 1893. With a Chromo-Lithographic Map Showing the Prevailing Religions of the World, Their Comparative Areas and the Progress of Evangelisation. London: James Nisbet & Co. Ltd., 1901. Hbk. pp.451. View in PDF format pdf [This material is in the Public Domain]
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