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The Book of Jonah
Barclay Fowell Buxton [1860-1946]

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Book Description

The Book of Jonah
Publication Year:
Japan Evangelistic Band
Christian Mission, Commentary, Old Testament, Jonah
Copyright Holder:
Public domain
Barclay Fowell Buxton [1860-1946], The Book of Jonah


  1. Jonah—-an historical person—Jonah's commission—A convenient ship—The Lord steps in—A mighty tempest—God points him out
  2. "Jonah prayed"—Jonah and the prodigal—Experiences like Jonah's—Jonah's prayer—Assurance that prayer is heard—Out of God's sight—Looking to God's abode—His hopeless condition—He remembers God—He had followed a lying voice—A sacrifice for sin—The confession of faith—In prayer he finds the way out
  3. A second call—God's test—A God-given message—"So Jonah went"—Jonah in Nineveh-Jonah a sign-The preaching of coming woe—Faith and sackcloth—Turning from evil ways
  4. ineveh saved—The preacher, wrong in soul—Jonah's creed—God's question—Jonah gives up preaching—Watch God's work—God's care—His shallow emotions—The worm and the wind—Babies and cattle—Jonah's mouth stopped
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