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British Baptists in China 1845–1952
Hugh Ross Williamson

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Book Description

For the Healing of the Nations. The Story of British Baptist Medical Missions 1792-1951
Publication Year:
The Carey Kingsgate Press
Christian Mission, Baptist Missionary Society
Copyright Holder:
Hugh Ross Williamson, British Baptists in China 1845–1952.


  • Foreword
  1. Our Missionary Heritage (A.D. 735-1860)
  2. Pioneers at Shanghai, Nanking and Chefoo (1860-75)
  3. Lengthening the Cords [1875-91]
  4. Strengthening the Stakes (1875-1900)
  5. The Church Laid Waste (1900-02)
  6. Repairing the Breaches and Restoring the Paths (1902-12)
  7. All Things Become New (1912-25)
  8. Perplexed—but not in Despair (1925-37)
  9. Persecuted—but not Forsaken (1937-45)
  10. Cast Down—but not Destroyed (1946-52)
  11. Preaching the Word
  12. Establishing the Church
  13. Teaching Them All Things
  14. Healing the Sick
  15. The Making of Books
  16. Doing Good
  17. Governments and Helps
  18. Observable Results
  19. Difficulties Encountered
  20. The Church in China Today
  • Select Bibliography
  • Appendix: List of B.M.S. Missionaries who served in China
  • Index
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