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Brothers of the Lotus Buds
Godfrey Webb-Peploe [1901-1949]

Book Description

Brothers of the Lotus Buds
Publication Year:
Christian Mission, India
Copyright Holder:
Public domain
Godfrey Webb-Peploe [1901-1949], Brothers of the Lotus Buds


  • Foreword
  1. 'That Frog Praising God'
  2. How the Boys Began to Come
  3. Iron Railings
  4. The Puttarai
  5. Odds and Ends of Life
  6. Coming Days
  7. The Hill of the Holy Washerman
  8. 'I'm Going to Die'—But he Didn't
  9. 'I Want to Work'
  10. Books and Butter-Tins
  11. Road-Makers
  12. The Beauty of the Flowers
  13. The Love of Little Children
  14. The Joy of the Birds
  15. Giant Despair and Co.
  16. Sunday
  17. Jelly-Fish
  18. 'But I Like to Go'
  19. Songs and How We Sing Them
  20. Gashmu Sayeth It'
  21. Treasures of the Darkness
  22. The Drama
  23. Temple Musicians
  24. 'Out of the Hand of the Enemy'
  25. Raids
  26. December the Sixteenth
  27. Christmas
  28. The GRey Forest
  29. Snake-Charmers
  30. My Grace is Enough
  31. 'Operation' and 'Gloryform'
  32. Fellow-Soldiers
  33. The Future is His
  34. Discipline
  35. 'Still Upward... to the Highest'
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