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Cannibals Won For Christ. A Story of Missionary Perils and Triumphs in Tongoa, New Hebrides
Oscar Michelsen [1844-1936]

London: Marshall, Morgan & Scott, [1893]. Hbk. pp.188.

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This book is in the Public Domain

Oscar Michelson [1844-1936], Cannibals Won For Christ. A Story of Missionary Perils and Triumphs in Tongan, New Hebrides



  1. Tongoa, Past and Present
  2. The Missionary to Tongoa
  3. The Field Surveyed
  4. Making Friends
  5. Progress Under Difficulties
  6. Joys and Sorrows
  7. A Flight for Life
  8. New Mission Quarters
  9. Cannibals Rescued From Cannibals
  10. Another Change of Locale
  11. Day by Day on Tongoa
  12. An Unexpected Cloud
  13. Cannibalism and Its Horrors
  14. Three Tongoan Martyrs
  15. Native Superstitions: A Religion of Dread
  16. Two Wrecks: A Contrast
  17. How Tongoan Christians Die
  18. Some Tongoan "Institutions"
  19. A Question of Custom
  20. Present Condition of the Mission
  21. The Queensland Kanaka Traffic
  22. Notes and Incidents

Appendix -
The New Hebrides Mission
The Islands and the People

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