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Captives of the Mighty. Christ and the Japanese Enigma
Dorothy Pape

London: China Inland Mission, 1959. Hbk. pp.303..

Reproduced by kind permission of OMF International-UK

Dorothy Pape, Captives of the Mighty. Christ and the Japanese Enigma



Part I: The Enviroment - Cultural Background

1. A People Unveiled
2. The Imprisoning Web
3. The Spirit of Japan (1) Its Origin
4. The Spirit of Japan (2) Its Modern Guise
5. Other Gods of Shinto
6. Pale Moonlight of Buddhism
7. A Pseudo Salvation-ny-Faith
8. The Sense of Sin
9. The Fer of Death
10. The Japanese Language - The Art of Concealing Thought
11. A Blunted Sword
12. Black Lily of Resentment
13. Meeting of East and West

Part II. The Preaching of Release

14. With Long Patience
15. Tent Evangelism
16. The Northern Island
17. North Glory Church
18. Hidaka Coast
19. Samani - By-path Meadow
20. Aomori - The Gospel in the Capital
21. In Cities Old and New
22. In Quiet Country Towns
23. Thirst for Knowledge
24. Bruised Reeds
25. Hope For the Future


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