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Christian Egypt, Past, Present, and Future
Montague Fowler [1858-1933]

London: Church Newspaper Co. Ltd., 1901. Hbk. pp.319.

This book is in the Public Domain

Montague Fowler [1858-1933], Christian Egypt, Past, Present, and Future


  • Preface

Book I

  1. The Dawn fo Christianity in Egypt
  2. The Church of Alexandria From the Fourth to the Sixth Centuries
  3. The Mohammedan Conquest of Egypt
  4. The Coptic Church in the Middle Ages
  5. The Coptic Church From the Thirteenth to the Seventeenth Centuries
  6. The Church in Abyssinia - History, Doctrines and Customs, and Lists of Metropolitans

Book II

  1. The Coptic (Jacobite) Church. (a) Churches. (b) Schools. (c) Liturgies and Worship. (d) Ecclesiastical Vestments. (e) Articles of Belief. (f) Political Status and Disabilities. (g) List of Patriarchs and Bishops.
  2. The Greek (Melchite) Church. (a) Churches. (b) Schools. (c) Ecclesiastical Establishment. (d) List of Patriarchs.
  3. The Roman Catholic (Uniat) Church. (a) Churches. (b) Schools. (c) Statistics.
  4. The Anglican Church. (a) Bishop Blyth's Administration. (b) Chaplaincies. (c) Missions. (d) Influence on Egypt. (e) The Anglican Bishopric for Egypt.
  5. The Roman Catholic Mission. (a) Churches. (b) Prospects.
  6. The Armenian Church. (a) Churches. (b) Schools. (c) Statistics.
  7. The American Presybyterian Mission. (a) Churches. (b) Schools. (c) Statistics.
  8. Various Protestant Missions. (a) British and Foreign Bible Society. (b) German Protestant Mission. (c) Dutch Mission. (d) North African Mission. (e) Egypt Mission Band.
  9. Statistics of the Population (Civil and Religious) of Egypt.

Book III

  • The Future Possibilities of Christianity in Egypt


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