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Eclipse in Ethiopia and its Corona Glory, 2nd edn.
Esmé Ritchie Rice, editor.

London: Marshall, Morgan & Scott, Ltd., 1938. Pbk. pp.125.

Copyright the Estate of Esmé Elvina Ritchie Uren (nee Rice) [1913-2009]. Reproduced by permission.

Esmé Ritchie Rice, ed., Eclipse in Ethiopia and its Corona Glory, 2nd edn



  1. First Dawnings
  2. Gleams in the North
  3. War Clouds
  4. The Lighthouse of Lalibella
  5. The Men of the Lamp
  6. Preservation Amidst Destruction
  7. The Way Of Escape
  8. The Shadow of Death
  9. The Evacuation of Gamo
  10. Homeless Wanderers
  11. Inexhaustible Supplies
  12. The Shutters of Rome
  13. Lightbearers of the Future

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