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Fanny Jane Butler, Pioneer Medical Missionary
E.M. Tonge

London: Church of England Zenana Missionary Society, 1930. Pbk. pp.54.

Reproduced by kind permission of the Church Mission Society

E.M. Tonge, Fanny Jane Butler, Pioneer Medical Missionary


  • Foreword (Contributed)
  • Prologue
  1. By the Thames
  2. "Not Disobedient to the Heavenly Vision"
  3. Student Days
  4. Buying Experience
  5. By the Ganges
  6. Off the Beaten Track
  7. A Lover of Children
  8. A Stenuous Furlough
  9. By the Jhelum
  10. Overwhelming Opportunities
  11. The Last Journey Down the River
  • Epilogue (Contributed)

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