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Fires at the Foot of Fish-Tail
Patricia Hepworth [d.1967]

Teignmouth: Nepal Evangelistic Band, [1959]. Pbk. pp.46.

Reproduced by permission of the copyright holder International Nepal Fellowship

Patricia Hepworth [d.1967], Fires at the Foot of Fish-Tail


  • Foreword
  1. "Fires" at the Foot of Fish-Tail
  2. Pastor David and Premi
  3. Philip and Paili
  4. Daud and Soni
  5. Buddhi Sagar and Putuli
  6. Noah nad Hannah
  7. Magdelene
  8. Simon
  9. Prem Masih
  10. Yacub and Rebecca
  11. Priscilla
  12. Priti
  13. Epilogue

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