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Ella Luce [1860-1943], Glimpses of Christian India

London & Edinburgh: Marshall, Morgan & Scott, [1933]. Hbk. pp.216.

This title is in the public domain.

Ella Luce [1860-1943], Glimpses of Christian India


  1. Earliest Recollections
  2. School and Life in London
  3. Mission and Conversion
  4. Voyage to India, and the First Year There
  5. Beginning Work at Sultanpur
  6. Work at Sultanpur - and Marriages of My Sisters
  7. Building the First Orphanage, and Famine of 1897
  8. Accounts of Some Girls Saved in the Famine
  9. Missionary Friends and Expansion of the Work
  10. Building the Hospital, and Plague in Cawmpore
  11. A Difficult Girl and a Serious Illness
  12. Weddings and Consumption
  13. Building Large New Dormitories For 100 Children

Part Two: Tours in India After Retirement

  • First Tour After Retirement
  • Second Tour After Retirement
  • Deputation Tours in England and Closing Work in Sultanpur

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