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Goforth of China

Rosalind Goforth

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London & Edinburgh: Marshall, Morgan & Scott, Ltd., 1937. Hbk. pp.364.

This book is in the Public Domain.

Jonathan Goforth [1859-1936]Contents

I. 1859-1887

I. Early Leadings
II. Beginning at Jerusalem
III. "My Lord First"
IV. The Vision Glorious!

II. 1888-1900

V. For Christ and China
VI. "Go Forward on Your Knee!"
VII. Within the Promised Land
VIII. Changte at Last!
IX. All Things to All Men
X. The Escape

III. 1901-1925

XI. In God's Crucible
XII. Following the Gleam
XIII. Gleams of Revival
XIV. When Revival Blessing Came to Changte
XV. Furlough 1909-1910
XVI. After Furlough - Testings
XVII. Saved From Himself
XVIII. Gospel Nomads
XIX. Harvesting on Famine Fields
XX. "In Journeyings Oft"

IV. 1926-1936

XXI. Through Clouds and Darkness
XXII. Manchuria
XXIII. Laying the Foundations
XXIV. Testings and Truumphs
XXV. Results of Aggressive Evangelism
XXVI. Triumphing Over Tragedy
XXVII. Clouds Before Sunset
XXVIII. Sunset


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