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H. Karl Kumm [1874-1930], From Hausaland to Egypt Through the Sudan

London: Constable & Co. Ltd., 1910. Hbk. pp.324.

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This book is in the Public Domain

H. Karl Kumm [1874-1930], From Hausaland to Egypt Through the Sudan


  • Preface
  1. Exordium
  2. From the Bay of Benin to the Bukuru Plateau
  3. From the Bakuru to the Banks of the "Mother of Waters"
  4. On the Kamerun Border
  5. On the Bosom of the Benué
  6. March Through the Mountains of Adamawa
  7. On the Shari
  8. The Ultima Thule of European Civilisation in Africa
  9. The Birth of a New Protectorate
  10. Big Game of the Shari Valley
  11. Two Days' Hunting
  12. Into the Unknown
  13. In Terra Incognita
  14. The Bridging of the Kotto
  15. Into the Nile Region
  16. From Wau to Khartum
  17. Short History of the Land of Cush
  18. On the Anthropology of the Sudan Tribes
  19. On the Mineral and Botanical Wealth of the Central Sudan
  20. The Mecca Pilgrimage
  21. The Moslem Political Danger


  • A) Beri-Beri Proverbs and Sayings; About the Name of a Tribe and Linguistic Inexactitudes, Vocabularies
  • B) Meteorological Observations
  • C) Zoological Specimens and Collections
  • D) Trans-African Outfit

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