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"His Glorious Power" or The Story of the J.E.B.
Alphaeus Paget Wilkes [1871-1934]

London: Japan Evangelistic Band, [1933]. Pbk. pp.182.

This book is in the Public Domain

Alphaeus Paget Wilkes [1871-1934], "His Glorious Power" or The Story of the J.E.B.


  1. Introductory
  2. The Early Vision
  3. Instruments Prepared
  4. The Mother of the Mission
  5. Aggressive Evangelism
  6. Ministry to the Churches Training Personnel
  7. Conditions Obtaining or The Need and Opportunity
  8. Wider Issues
  9. A.M.O.S.
  10. Children's Evangelism or The Giants at Work
  11. Some of Our Leaders
  12. Swanwick and its Message
  13. Finance
  14. Epilogue

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