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History of Christian Missions

Charles Henry Robinson [1861-1925]

Edinburgh: T & T Clark, 1915. Hbk. pp.533.

This book is in the Public Domain.

History of Christian Missions by Charles Henry Robinson


I. Introductory
II. Methods of Missionary Work
III. The Dawn of Modern Missions (1580-1750)
IV. India
V. Ceylon
VI. Burma
VII China
VIII. Japan
IX. Corea
X. Malaysia
Xl Western and Central Asia
XII. Africa XIII. America (U.S.A.)
XIV. Canada
XV. The West Indies
XVI. Central America
XVII. South America
XVIII. Australia
XIX. New Zealand
XX. Isles of the Pacific
XXI. Missions to Moslems
XXII. Missions to the Jews
XXIII. Missionary Societies
XXIV. The Outlook

Appendix - Christian Reunion in the Mission Field

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