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The History of the Church Missionary Society. Its Environment, Its Men and Its Work, 4 Vols.
Eugene Stock [1836-1928]

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London: Church Missionary Society, 1899-1916. Hbk. pp.504 + 659 + 912 + 665.

These books are in the Public Domain

Eugene Stock [1836-1928], The History of the Church Missionary Society. Its Environment, Its Men and Its Work, 4 Vols.

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Table of Contents, Volumes 1-3

  • Preface
  • Author's Preface
  • Outline of the Work
  1. The Great Commission
  2. Missions Before the Reformation
  3. Missions After the Reformation
  4. The Eighteenth Century and the Evangelical Revival
  5. Africa and the East - Waiting
  6. The Missionary Awakening
  7. The New Society and its Early Struggles
  8. The First Missionaries
  9. Africa and India: Struggle and Victory
  10. Forward Steps
  11. Rousing the Country: The Associations
  12. C.M.S. and Other Societies
  13. Sierra Leone: The White Man's Grave; The Black Man's Life
  14. The Finished Course
  15. India: Entering the Opened Door
  16. Insular Missions: New Zealand, Ceylon, West India, Malta
  17. The Eastern Churches: Reports for their Revival
  18. The Outlook After Twenty-Five Years
  19. The Personnel of the Period
  20. The Environment of the Period
  21. India: Changes and Development
  22. India: Progress of the Missions
  23. The Negro on Both SIdes the Atlantic, Enslaved and Free
  24. Greek, Copt, Abyssinian, Zulu, Maori, Australian, Cree
  25. Henry Venn; And Survey of Men and Things
  26. The Society and the Church
  27. The Colonial and Missionary Episcopate
  28. New Zealand: The Bishop, the Colony, and the Mission
  29. New Enterprises in Africa: Niger Expedition, Yoruba Mission East Coast
  30. The Opening of China
  31. The Society's Finances
  32. The Jubilee
  33. The Environment: Church Developments - Anglican
  34. The Environment: Church Developments - Evangelical
  35. The Society at Home
  36. Some Recruits from the Universities
  37. Islington College and its Men
  38. Church Organization: The Church of New Zealand
  39. West Africa: Three Missions and Three Bishops
  40. East Africa: The Missionaries and the Explorers
  41. Jerusalem and Constantinople: Jew, Turk, Christian
  42. India Under Dalhouse; and the Missions in the North
  43. India: The Missions in the South
  44. India: The Punjab - For England and For Christ
  45. India: The Mutiny - Its Victims and its Lessons
  46. India: The Great Controversy - Neutrality or Christianity?
  47. India: Missions After the Mutiny
  48. Ceylon's Isle
  49. China: In Time of War and Tumults
  50. The Great Lone Land
  51. An Anxious Period: In the Society, and in the Church
  52. The Period: More Church Developments
  53. Salisbury Square
  54. Candidates of the Period
  55. The Native Churches: Self-supporting, Self-governing, Self-extending
  56. Ebb-Tide in Africa
  57. The Niger and its Black Bishop
  58. The Islands: Mauritius and Madagascar
  59. India: Rulers and Bishops of the Period
  60. India: Babus, Brahmos, Borderers
  61. India: Agencies Evangelistic and Pastoral
  62. India: Death and Life
  63. India: A Flag for Christ in the Punjab
  64. China: New Mission and Old
  65. The Land of the Rising Sun
  66. Lands of the Utmost West: Manitoba; Metlakahtla
  67. New Zealand: War, Apostasy, Fidelity
  68. Henry Venn's Latter Days
  69. The Environment: Church Movements
  70. The Environment: Evangelistic and Spiritual Movements
  71. The Society: Missions, Men, Money
  72. The Society: Home Influence and Organization
  73. Africa: The Flowing Tide Again: Ilala - and After
  74. Uganda: The Call and the Response
  75. The Crescent and the Cross: Missions in Mohammedan Lands
  76. India: Dioceses of Calcutta and Bombay
  77. India: Diocese of Lahore
  78. India: Diocese of Madras
  79. India: The Hill Tribes
  80. India and Ceylon: The Bishops and the Society
  81. The Far East: Advance in China and Japan
  82. The Far West: The Church among the Red Indians
  83. The Epoch of 1880-82
  84. The Environment: Ecclesiastical, Controversial, Spiritual
  85. The Society A New Era of Progress
  86. Three Memorable Years. 1885, 1886, 1887
  87. Controversies Within and Attack from Without
  88. Recruits of the Period: Men and Women
  89. High Hopes and Sore Sorrows: West Africa and the Niger
  90. High Hopes and Sore Sorrows: East Africa and Uganda
  91. British East India; The Company, The Government, and the Missions
  92. India: The Men and their Work
  93. India: Some Features, Episodes, Incidents, and Controversies of the Period
  94. Lands of Islam: Egypt, Palestine, Arabia, Persia
  95. In the Indian and Southern Oceans: Ceylon, Mauritius, New Zealand
  96. China: Onward, Inward, - and Upward
  97. Japan: The Nation, the Mission, the Church
  98. The Red Indian Missions: Patterns of Zeal and Triumphs of Grace
  99. Missions at Congresses and Conferences
  100. Seven Years of the Policy of Faith
  101. The Church, the Society and the Cause
  102. The Society: Candidates, Controbutions, and the Three Years' Enterprise
  103. The Four Years Abroad: Africa
  104. The Four Years Abroad: Asia
  105. In Memoriam
  106. Repice, Circumspice, Prospice
  • Chronological Table
  • Index

Table of Contents, Supplementary Volume 4

  • Preface
  1. The C.M.S. Centenary
  2. The Outlook after the Centenary
  3. Brief Survey of the Sixteen Years
  4. Africa: The Powers and the Peoples
  5. Africa: Christian Missions
  6. C.M.S. Missions: West Africa
  7. C.M.S. Missions: East Africa
  8. C.M.S. Missions: Uganda
  9. C.M.S. Missions: Egypt and the Sudan
  10. Islam and Mohammedan Missions
  11. C.M.S. Missions: Palestine
  12. C.M.S. Missions: Turkish Arabia
  13. C.M.S. Missions: Persia
  14. India: Its Rulers and Religions
  15. India: The Christian Missions
  16. India: The Anglican Church and Union Movements
  17. C.M.S. Missions - General
  18. C.M.S. Missions: Diocese of Lahore
  19. C.M.S. Missions: Diocese of Bombay
  20. C.M.S. Missions: Diocse of Nagpur
  21. C.M.S. Missions: Diocese of Lucknow
  22. C.M.S. Missions: Diocese of Calcutta
  23. C.M.S. Missions: Dioceses of Madras, Dornakal, and Tinevelly
  24. C.M.S. Missions: Diocese of Travancore and Cochin
  25. The Ceylon Mission
  26. The Mauritius Mission
  27. China: Modern Changes
  28. China: The Chrisian Missions
  29. C.M.S. Missions: Diocese of Victoria and Kwangsi-Hunan
  30. C.M.S. Missions: Diocse of Fukein
  31. C.M.S. Missions: Diocese of Chekiang
  32. C.M.S. Missions: Diocese of Western China
  33. Japan: The Nation and the Religion
  34. Japan: The Christian Missions
  35. Japan: C.M.S. Missions
  36. The North-West Canada Mission
  37. The British Colombia Mission
  38. The New Zealand Mission
  39. Ecclesiastical Problems of the Mission Field. I. Native Church Organization
  40. Ecclesiastical Problems of the Mission Field. II. The Kikuyu Proposals
  41. Personal: In Memoriam
  42. Personal: Committe and Officers
  43. Salisbury Square
  44. Anniversary and Other Services and Meetings
  45. Missionaries and Candidates
  46. The Finances
  47. Home Organization
  48. Work Among Particular Classes
  49. The Auxiliaries: Medical, Educational, Industrial
  50. The Publications
  51. The Colonial Associations
  52. The Church and the Society
  53. The Larger Co-operation: Edinburgh and After
  54. The Hour of Setting Sun

    Appendix: The War and the Missions

    Index to Vol. IV

    Corrigenda to Vols, I, II, and III

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