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In Brigands' Hands and Turkish Prisons 1914-1918
Archibald Forder [1863-1934]

London: Marshall Brothers, Ltd., 1919. Hbk. pp.314.

This title is in the public domain

Archibald Forder [1863-1934], In Brigands' Hands and Turkish Prisons 1914-1918


  • Preface
  • Foreword
  1. Behind Prison Bars
  2. Waiting For Death
  3. Prison Customs, Life and Doings
  4. Release, Reunion, Re-separation
  5. The Aftermath
  6. Boyhood Days
  7. My Parents
  8. Starting in Life
  9. Off to the Changing Bawdee
  10. The Bawdee, and Some of Its Includes
  11. The People of the Bawdee
  12. Breaking Ground in the Bawdee
  13. Trapped by the Bedouin
  14. Under the Shadow of Death
  15. How Deliverance Came
  16. Some Home Itinerating Experiences
  17. Experiences on the Field
  18. Islam and its Evreyday Requirements and Workings
  19. Life in the Bawdee, How Affected by Islam
  20. Palestine Peasant Life and How Affected by Islam
  21. Hagar in the Wilderness
  22. Ahmenee, a Tragedy of the Bawdee
  23. Love versus Custom, A Story of the Bawdee
  24. Out-schemed by a Woman
  25. Thrice Lost, A Tale of Bawdee Woman Life
  26. Found, But Only to be Lost Again
  27. Looks, Desires, Needs, Possibilities
  28. El-Bawdee

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