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India's Womanhood. Forty Years Work at Ludhiana
Christine Isabel Tinling [1869-1943]

London: The Lutterworth Press, 1935. Pbk. pp.119.

This book is in the Public Domain

Christine Isabel Tinling [1869-1943], India's Womanhood. Forty Years Work at Ludhiana


  1. Indoors and Out
  2. The Open Secret
  3. Merry Christmas!
  4. H.R.H. the Brahmini Bull
  5. A Guided Life
  6. A Tour of Inspection
  7. Old Wives' Fables
  8. Saving the Mothers!
  9. Babies at a Premium
  10. Babies at a Discount
  11. A Leper Village
  12. How Doctors are Made
  13. Typical Groups
  14. Making the Best of It
  15. Little Visits
  16. The Spirit of Sport
  17. Glimpses of Graduates
  18. Village Life
  19. Spreading the News
  20. Further Afield

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