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John Hunt. Pioneer Missionary and Saint
Joseph Nettleton [1835-1914]

London: Charles H. Kelly, [1906]. Hbk. pp.124.

This book is in the Public Domain

Joseph Nettleton [1835-1914], John Hunt. Pioneer Missionary and Saint


  1. "In the Days of Thy Youth"
  2. The Ernest Student and Missionary-Designate
  3. First Impressions of Fiji and the Fijians
  4. The Translator-in-Chief of the Holy Scriptures
  5. Somosomo; or, Reasonable Expectation Disappointed
  6. Viwa: Revivals and Native Pastors
  7. Entire Sanctification
  8. "In Journeyings Oft"
  9. Early and Triumphant Death
  10. Testimonies to Character and Usefulness

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