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Johnson of Nyasaland. A Study of the Life and Work of William Percival Johnson, D.D.
Bertman Herbert Barnes [1867-?]

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Book Description

25 Years' Mission Work Among the Lepers of India in a Manner Believed to be Scriptural
Publication Year:
Universities’ Mission to Central Africa
Christian Mission, Malawi, Universitoes Mission to Central Africa, William Percival Johnson
Copyright Holder:
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Bertman Herbert Barnes [1867-?], Johnson of Nyasaland. A Study of the Life and Work of William Percival Johnson, D.D.


  • Preface
  • Author's Preface
  • Principal Dates
  • Prologue
  1. The Call To Africa
  2. Early Days In Africa
  3. Johnson Alone
  4. Halcyon Days
  5. Political Questions: Delimitation of Territories
  6. Mainland Villages
  7. Training of Teachers
  8. The Disasters of 1895
  9. In Perils Oft
  10. Mission Methods
  11. Rival Policies
  12. The S.S. "Chauncy Maples"
  13. Archdeacon Johnson In New Zealand
  14. The War Years
  15. Liuli and Manda
  16. Dr. Johnson and Dr. Laws
  17. Last Days
  18. Achievements
  19. Appreciations
  20. Extracts From W. P. J.'s Letters
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