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A Labrador Doctor, 11th edn., 1938

Sir Wilfred T. Grenfell [1865-1940]

London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1920. Hbk. pp.351.

This book is in the Public Domain


  1. Early Days
  2. School Life
  3. Early Work In London
  4. At The London Hospital
  5. North Sea Work
  6. The Lure of the Labrador
  7. The People of Labrador
  8. Lecturing and Cruising
  9. The Seal Fishery
  10. Three Years' Work in the British Isles
  11. First Winter at St. Anthony
  12. The Co-Operative Movement
  13. The Mill and the Fox Farm
  14. The Children's Home
  15. Problems of Education
  16. "Who Hath Desired the Sea?"
  17. The Reindeer Experiment
  18. The Ice-Pan Adventure
  19. They That Do Business in Great Waters
  20. Marriage
  21. New Ventures
  22. Problems On Land and Sea
  23. A Month's Holiday in Asia Minor
  24. The War
  25. Forward Steps
  26. The Future of the Mission
  27. My Religious Life
  28. Ten Years After


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