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The Life and Faith of the Baptists
Henry Wheeler Robinson [1872-1945]

Book Description

The Life and Faith of the Baptists, rev. edn.
Publication Year:
The Kingsgate Press
Christian Mission, Baptist Mission Society,Baptist Church
Copyright Holder:
Copyright holder unknown
Henry Wheeler Robinson [1872-1945], The Life and Faith of the Baptists

Table of Contents

  • Preface to First Edition
  • Preface to Second Edition
  1. The Origin and Principles of the Baptists
  2. Studies in Baptist Personalilty
  3. Believers' Baptism and the Emphasis on Individual Experience
    1. A Baptist Home (Caleb Vernon)
    2. A Baptist Soldier (William Allen)
    3. A Baptist Reformer (Thomas Lambe)
    4. A Baptist Teacher (Benjamin Keach)
    5. A Baptist Church (Cripplegate)
      1. Discipline
      2. Hymn-singing
    6. A Baptist Writer (Ann Dutton
    7. A Baptist Student (John Collect Ryland)
    8. A Baptist Preacher (Robery Hall
  4. The Baptist Doctrine of the Church
    1. The Meaning and Justification of Believers' Baptism
    2. The Importance of Conversion
    3. The Confessional Value of Believers' Baptism
  5. The Missionary Spirit of the Baptists
  6. The Passion of the Baptists for Liberty
  7. The Strength and Weakness of the Baptists
  • Appendices:
    1. The Final Authority
    2. Selected Bibliography
    3. World Statistics
  • Index:
    1. Persons
    2. Subjects